Considering Master Key System Design


When considering upgrading your master key systems security the most important question to answer is; how can I minimise the risk of a security breach by implementing?

We recommend 3 solutions to consider first:

  1. Best practice master key systems design – installing external and internal master key systems. Our best practice guides are available for download here.
  2. Key control – making sure only those with authorised access have the appropriate key. Key control is a major security issue solved by Access2.
  3. High security products – making sure the products used have an independently verified high security rating. Tigris cylinder locks are built to be standards compliant


Security risk vs. cost calculation

Even the most expensive and elaborate security system will be able to be breached in some way. So security is all about managing risk, how much investment in time and money is it worth to reduce the risk that your security system is breached. That calculation depends on what is being protected and how much it costs to employ effective measures to keep it secure.

Cost effective security upgrades

1. Best practice Master key system design

Our best practice guides for health and education provide more detail but one of the key recommendations applies  for most commercial and public buildings; Separate external doors from internal doors. This provides 2 benefits:

Cost effective Masterkey upgrade options are:

2. Key Control

This is very often the weakest point of any system. Making sure only authorised users have access to the correct areas at all times can be an administrative nightmare. Access2 recommend the following key control upgrades:

Not taking these precautions can lead to any business owners nightmare, insurance claim denial due to unforced entry.

3. High Security Products

All products seem to be described as ‘high security’ these days. Make sure you really do have a product that will withstand an attack from a criminal by using products set to a