Easier hardware selection: a roadshow provides the answer



A new initiative aims to make the process of selecting and specifying architectural hardware simpler. Four leading suppliers are getting together to host roadshows under the name CHeSS. With products that complement each other, rather than compete, architects, specifiers and locksmiths will have the perfect opportunity to investigate various solutions and discover how they work together.

The collaboration is between Norseal, Boss Door Controls, Strand Hardware and Access2. Between them, the four businesses have a comprehensive portfolio of window and door control, seals and security products. But as Access2’s Managing Director, Neil Rule, says, “Considering products in isolation is time-consuming and can only ever give an impression of the final outcome.”

The roadshow is a simple idea – bring everyone and everything together – but the concept could prove very effective. With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, expert speakers from the hardware industry and great venues, guests will be able to get to grips with a broad range of products and their features in a short space of time. They’ll be able to meet more suppliers and have the chance to network with others in their field.

When asked about the structure of CHeSS, Neil Rule was keen to stress that all the businesses behind the initiative remain independent. ‘CHeSS is an event, not an organisation. We all have different priorities, styles and backgrounds, and we’ll continue to do so. CHeSS roadshows are simply a more productive way of working that we believe will benefit our customers.’

If you’d like an easier way to discover window and door control, seals and security products, look out for the CHeSS roadshows. The first event takes place at The Biscuit Factory on  May 30th at 18:00 with DHF General Manager & Secretary and BSI committee member, Michael Skelding as special guest speaker.

To find out more visit https://chessevents.co.uk/