Key security and patent protection.

Let’s talk about key security and patent protection.

When looking for key security, it can be confusing when cylinder options A and B both sound good.
Let’s make it simpler: Do they have PATENT PROTECTION?

That’s it. That’s the critical question.
Without patent protection, all the other bells and whistles of a lock cylinder count for very little.

Let’s cut through the confusion.

Yes, it can be a TS007 accredited product.

Yes, the cylinder can achieve the SS316 Diamond standard.

Yes, it can meet the EN1303:2015 standard.

Yes, it can be Trademarked.

Yes, it can be Restricted – having a limited distribution channel.

But even with all of those yes answers, your key is not protected, because only PATENT KEY SECURITY can protect your key from illegal copying.

It’s not confusing, it’s simple. Ask that one question.

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