C-Lever Compact

The C-Lever Compact offers a stylish design combined with a wide range of functions. It’s ideal for equipping internal doors quickly, efficiently and wirelessly. Its innovative design means that it can be assembled upside down which is a great benefit for doors in tight spaces, such as glass doors, or doors where the cylinder is located above the lever handle.

This versatile system offers small businesses and schools all the security they need along with easy programming. It’s a great choice at even greater value. it’s simple but really smart at the same time so when the easy way works beautifully, choose it!

The C-Lever Compact Door Lock can be combined with a Matrix One Digital Cylinder and compact card readers meaning secure access has never looked better. The system is driven by Matrix One software so it’s intuitive and very effective. You can use a PC, tablet or smartphone for programming, and it supports offline, access on card and online modes.

Features and benefits

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