Based on the elegant cLever Compact Door Lock, combined with a Digital eCylinder and compact card readers, secure access has never looked better. The system is driven by Matrix One software, which is intuitive and very effective. You can use a PC, tablet or smartphone for programming, and it supports offline, access on card and online modes. It’s a great choice and great value. It’s simple but really smart at the same time.

When the easy way works beautifully, choose it.


  • Award-winning, compatible and consistent products
  • Ideal solution for glass doors and inside doors
  • Easy sharing of the digital key
  • On-site length adjustment possible
  • Simple installation


c-lever compact

  • Simple, wireless assembly
  • Supports NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Battery power for up to 60,000 door movements.
  • Digitalised access while continuing to use the mechanical key
  • can be assembled upside down: a great benefit for doors in tight spaces

Digital cylinder

  • Quick and easy retrofit from mechanicals to electronics
  • On-site length adjustment possible
  • Security features built into the protected cylinder core
  • Saving of last 2,000 events (can be disabled)
  • Diverse range of uses

Digital Cylinder