Tigris® Plus is an open profile system with the ability to provide a range of advanced cylinder sizes and functions. Where cost is a priority Tigris® Plus is a simple system with up to 1,200 differs under a single masterkey.

The cylinders are engineered to resist drilling and include anti-pick protection as standard. An option to include BS 3621:2007 anti-bump features is also available. Tigris® Plus meets the highest standards of security under BS EN 1303:2015 and has passed durability testing at the 100,000-cycle level.

With the Tigris® Plus system,keyblanks are freely available and local key cutting is possible. Although this is less secure than our patented premium ranges, these master key systems are convenient and suitable for many projects.

Tigris® Plus can be used in all sectors with a wide range of additional functional options available. Internal clutch mechanisms can be included to disengage the key from the operation of the thumbturn allowing the door to be unlocked even if the thumbturn is being held in the locked position on the inside.

The classroom function is a clutch cylinder where the turn can only ‘Unlock’ the door. This is typically used in schools to prevent mischief by students locking doors.

As standard, cylinders with thumbturn are supplied with our smooth elliptical turn with a thumb slot. A range of alternative turns are available to order to allow you to complement specific hardware. The range of turns includes our standard and mini accessible turns which provide a ‘lever action’ to assist users with poor or weakened grip to operate the turn easily.