A patent protected mechanical cylinder system with the added benefit of an interactive moveable element within the key and the cylinder body, we call this Active Key Technology. This active feature – which is also patented – helps protect against illegal key duplication from 3D printing and represents our highest level of key protection.

Tigris® X-AKT mechanical cylinders are ideally suited to applications where key security is paramount and the unauthorised copying of keys must be prevented. Ideal for projects such as research facilities, banking or defence.


  • Long life system patent to 2037
  • EN 1303:2015
  • EN 1634-1
  • EN 15804 EPD available
  • Active key technology
  • Steel barrel and body pins
  • Drill protection in cylinder barrel and body
  • Anti-pick pins
  • Anti-bump as standard
  • Strict control of key blanks held securely at Access2
  • Multi profile key family
  • Suitable for large and complex masterkeying
  • 36,000 differs under master key
  • Traditional and Key Control master keying systems
  • Full range of optional features
  • Full range of ColourMatch finishes