Zayed University, Abu Dhabi

Well over 3,500 schools, hundreds of higher and further education colleges, and universities from the UK and around the globe rely on Access2 security.

We’ve been involved with projects that are part of the Building Schools for the Future initiative, in student accommodation projects, in single and multi-site developments.

Our product ranges can be specified to suit the sector – for example, we produce a ‘classroom function’ clutch cylinder with a thumbturn which can only be used to unlock a door.

Project Location
Brunel UK
Cambridge UK
Canterbury UK
Derby UK
Exeter UK
Glamorgan UK
Glasgow UK
Gloucester UK
Kent UK
King Saud Saudi Arabia
Lancaster UK
Leeds UK
Leicester UK
Luton UK
Liverpool UK
Manchester UK
Northumbria UK
Newcastle UK
Oxford UK
Queen Marys London UK
Salford UK
St Andrews UK
Sunderland UK
Teeside UK
Thames Valley Wales UK
Walsall UK
Wolverhampton UK
Zyed Abu Dhabi
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