Where residential property development projects have a requirement for security doorsets (as per Building Regulations part q), our patent protected Tigris® Premier 3 cylinders are the perfect choice. Our most secure and premium cylinder meets the strictest of requirements and Access2 are the only company that are able to supply TS007 3* cylinders with a patented key, and a masterkey system, in a colourmatch finish.

Tigris® Premier3 cylinders can be confidently included as part of a PAS24 compliant doorset solution. The system is scalable, from a single masterkey system up to a complex multi-layered control key solution requiring more than 30,000 different locks.

Our special ‘construction cylinder’ will allow the construction workers full access during the build stage with their own key. When the masterkeys are inserted in the cylinders for the first time (at the point of ‘hand-over’), a mechanism inside the cylinder is activated and the construction keys become automatically barred from the system. This prevents compromised security upon completion with keys not being returned, and allows the cylinders to be installed safely and securely at any point during the build.