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Simple, secure, affordable

Door security has to be effective, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need a master key system – just a Kitemarked TS-007 standard keyed-to-differ cylinder.

If you choose wisely, you’re onto a winner, but there are a lot of cylinders on the market. Some are better than others and it can be confusing.

That’s why we’ve simplified things with two great cylinders which meet all your door fabrication needs.

Option 1: The Tigris Standard TS-007 1-star cylinder

Our 1-star cylinder is affordable, reliable and a doddle to work with. It’s ideal when you’re working to a strict budget or when the buyer insists on a high-security handle.

When backed with 2-star handles or escutcheons, our 1-star cylinders can reach 3-star performance.

Option 2: The Tigris Standard TS-007 3-star cylinder

Keep the clean aesthetics and simplify your fabrication. Choose our 3-star option which gives the advanced security your buyers want. It’s a great value cylinder, built for convenience, with very reassuring features.

  • Anti-drill
  • Anti-bump
  • Anti-pick
  • Snap-Secure
  • Anti-pull

Quick and easy to fit, it gives you PAS24 security with standard handles and it’s perfect for high-volume production.

Tigris – the right cylinders, the right supplier

Tigris TS-007 Cylinders are Kitemarked, 6-pin cylinders, tough as old boots, but precision built for reliable performance year after year.

Tigris is only available from Access2

We’re known for our expertise with the most complex locking systems. When we recommend a simpler, off-the-shelf solution, you can be sure we know it’s up to the job.

Your buyers want the best Kitemarked security.

You want simplicity and a great price.

With Tigris, we’ve sorted it.

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