Some Things We Know About Hotels

  • Every guest wants a 5-star experience.
  • Every staff member wants to make this happen.
  • Every lost key is a pain in the rear.
  • Every pound you invest has to pay back.
  • Everything about eTigris®delivers.


RFID Technology combined with outstanding locksets. Full hotel and hospitality functionality, full master-key capability. With wireless technology, eTigris® is perfect for newbuilds, refits or rebuilds and complete with a range of customisable options. With Wireless technology, eTigris is perfect for new builds but can also be easily installed onto most existing mortice locks, making it attractive to many hotel refurbs or upgrades. eTigris can work with cards, tokens and even Mobile Phones.

No more lost keys, no more security risks. Just an integrated system that works beautifully. Choose a better hotel experience, for your guests, your staff and your owners.
Choose it for yourself.


Originally built in 1845, this Grade II listed property underwent an extensive refurbishment under its new owners in 2014. With landscaped gardens, Italianate interiors and a host of Victorian features, the architects, Architect CT, wanted to preserve the hotel’s charm and elegance, while adding touches of contemporary style and bringing the hotel’s systems bang up-to-date. One priority was an attractive, battery-operated and software-controlled access system for the hotel’s 62 rooms, each of which had original Grade II listed doors. Thinner than modern doors, the size of the lockset would be a critical issue. Working alongside RB Architectural Hardware Limited, we were able to provide the ideal solution to fit the architect’s brief. After installation, we commissioned the system and provided full training in its use to the hotel staff. The card-operated system is working perfectly, is in keeping with the property’s unique character and provides the efficiency and quality today’s hotel guests expect.

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