CEN/TS 17814 Master Key System Data Security – Guidance, is the latest Technical Specification to have been produced by CEN.

This Specification specifically relates to Master Key Systems. Produced by CEN, the Specification provides guidance on data that is used in both design and manufacturing of new mechanical Master Key Systems as well as how to best keep that data safe and secure.

The areas covered by CEN/TS 17814 include:

EN1303:2015 deals with the requirements and test methods for a Cylinder Lock. But the security of a Master key System starts long before a cylinder is constructed, and long after a key cut. CEN/TS17814 provides an essential, additional layer of security to EN1303:2015

By selecting a Master Key System in accordance with CEN/TS 17814, end user clients can be confident that the data and products used to construct, supply and maintain their unique Master Key System, meet the very highest levels available.

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The DHF have released a Best Practice Guide to CEN/TS 17814:2022:

Best Practice Guide


If TS17814 is adopted for an MKS project, for it to remain effective, each sub section within Section 4 of TS17814 must be adhered to. To facilitate this and ensure that none of the required process are omitted, the following template can be used. Individual companies and/or organisations may construct their own documentation to record and collate this information.