We’ll tell you the truth about 3-star cylinders

What you’ve heard about 3-star cylinders in the past is probably not the complete picture. If you’ve heard that they can’t be master-keyed, that’s wrong. Most vendors will tell you that because they can’t do it. In addition to an ISO management system, a vendor must be BSI accredited, audited and licensed to construct 3* cylinders. Most vendors aren’t. We are.

Many vendors in our sector import or resell standard 3-star cylinders. They’re selling someone else’s certified 3-star products, often Chinese made cylinders, and yes, in those circumstances, they won’t have the licences they need to make changes, specifically master keying.

It’s easy to say something can’t be done and to sell you an off-the-shelf product, but it doesn’t help you.  When you’re looking for the convenience of a master-keyed system or want colour-matching, a standard product, even with a TS007 3-star rating, will always be a compromise.

Imagine an apartment block. To meet PAS 24 standards, you’ve been asked to provide TS007 standard locks, but do you really want separate keys for every letterbox and bin store? Of course, you don’t. And that’s why you should take a closer look at our patented, Tigris® Premier3 cylinders.

Completely scalable, Tigris® Premier3 is ideal for any complex, multi-layered masterkey system. Anti-pick and anti-drill protection come as standard and our patent design protects against illegal key copying. We provide the highest level of key security, we are the sole source of duplicate keys which are supplied only to those with the appropriate authority.

Yes, it’s a TS007 3-star system, but it’s ours, and we can customise it to suit your needs. If you want a 5-layered system, supplied in pink with snap secure functionality, we can do it.

Others will sell you a compromise. We’ll produce what you need.

Learn more about Tigris® Premier3 here or call us on +44 (0) 191 215 0530.