World Cup Competition

Only one team will take home the trophy but get your sums right and you could take home two Vanlocks – a definite winner in vehicle security.

What’s the average of 64?

Sounds like a daft question, but there are 64 matches to be played. 48 in the group stages, 8 in the next round, 4 quarters, 2 semis and a third-place playoff before we get to the final in Moscow on 15th July. That’s a lot of football, but we want to know your prediction of the average number of goals per match in total.  

No idea where to start? According to Wikipedia, an average of 2.81 goals was scored in 872 matches in qualification.

Get your predictions in (two decimal places, please) before the start of play on the 14th June to

If we need a tiebreaker, we’ll be asking, “I’d trust Vanlock with the World Cup Trophy because …”