Welcome to Access2

We are the UK’s market leader in master keyed cylinder locks. Our products are used to provide security and safety to people, property and assets, securing buildings in all sectors, all over the world – quietly, confidently and with style.

Make access control easier, come on over to Access 2.

From experience we know that the installation of master keyed systems often gets scheduled for the closing stages of a project, and our customers can find themselves under immense time pressure.

Some years ago, we started to work on reducing our lead times. It’s been tough at times, we’ve had to reorganise and invest. Through this work we’ve reduced an 8-week lead time to just 48 hours.

We’re still not satisfied and we’re always pushing for the fastest possible production timescales, because when a customer can’t wait, they really can’t wait.

We’ve made service an obsession and a priority, and that’s why if you mention the Access2 name to those in the industry, they’ll mention our unbeatable service.