A true global supplier for a truly global economy

We’ve been exporting our cylinders for a few years now. They’ve been used in projects across the Far East and Middle East, but never under ‘perfect’ export conditions. Over the years we’ve worked with certain restrictions and limitations, but it hasn’t stopped us from delivering high standards, innovative master-keyed systems, and excellent service. In other words, the lack of ideal conditions hasn’t prevented us from building our trade, brand, and valuable customer relationships overseas.

For Access2, exporting is not just about a one-off supply contract to a leisure project in the Middle East, it’s about forging relationships, learning about local markets, and collaboration. It’s about recognising that the quality of our products and the stand out service we deliver domestically can hold their place in a wider global market. This is a global society, and if business is to thrive, we cannot isolate ourselves.

Take a look at the sectors we serve. The diversity surprises some. We’re in education in colleges, schools and universities around the globe. We supply the hospitality sector – our products are used in some of the world’s premier hotel chains. In healthcare, we can balance a competing need for security with a need for public access. We’re trusted by the military and by the judiciary. Our banking sector customers are found in Qatar, in China and in Europe. No leisure or sporting venues are too large, no retail premises too challenging. We’re a supplier into many residential and commercial projects worldwide.

And yet we’re very easy to talk to. We are knowledgeable but down to earth with a practical approach that gets results. For example, one of our specialisms is electronic access control, but we understand that within that product area, the requirements of a system could be vastly different. By focusing on the precise needs of a project and its users, the environment and the culture, we can ensure long-term satisfaction and performance.

We have a product range named Tigris® that includes mechanical authorisation solutions for a range of applications from Patented to open profile master key systems. Tigris Secure includes a range of high security products designed to secure mobile equipment, even your van. At the other end of the spectrum, Tigris® Electronic  includes a wide range of cutting edge electronic locks for all applications, even the most prestigious hotels delivering exceptional security and fantastic aesthetics.

In short, we serve multiple sectors and multiple countries with a broad range of high-quality security products. Naturally, we need to understand the expectations of geographical standards as well as cultures if we are to meet them. However, it’s the precise needs of individual customers and the productive relationships we build that matter to our team.

This is a global economy and we’re proud to supply into it.