A number of additional features are available as options within the Tigris® ranges of cylinder.


Clutch Function

When inserted the key disengages the thumb turn operation, and has priority over locking and unlocking. Often required in facilities for vulnerable people, it prevents a door being held locked by gripping the thumb turn on the inside.


Classroom Function

A variant of the clutch function. The key operation remains the same, however the thumbturn can only be used to unlock the door.


Construction Cylinder

Allows contractors to install and use the cylinder during the construction phase using a Construction Key. Once a valid system key is used, the internal pinning arrangement alters to negate and prevent any future use of the Construction Keys.



We offer a range of thumbturns to suit different hardware ranges, aesthetics or for Special Needs requirements.



An unrivalled number of finishes are offered through our Colourmatch service. As well as 10 standard finishes we are able to colour match any hardware finish you wish to specify.

Explore our full range of Tigris® cylinder options here.