Going above and beyond

As far as we’re concerned, Nicola Dodds from our sales team has always been a superstar. She’s a brilliant colleague who really personifies the spirit of customer service. She has a great attitude and approach to her work, so when, recently, we had a few calls from customers wanting to discuss Nicola and her performance, we were intrigued.

We had no cause for alarm. The customers were simply wanting to tell us what an asset Nicola was to our operation, and some suggested that her dedication should be recognised. When you work with someone like Nicola every day, the highest standards become the norm. We’re grateful for those callers who reminded us that Nicola always goes above and beyond. Her commitment to outstanding customer service is the reason why she’s a very deserving recipient of our Employee of the Quarter Award.

The whole company was there to see Nicola being presented with the award, and we’re delighted to know that our opinion of Nicola’s strengths is shared by our customer base.