The benefits of going mechatronic


Just as there are situations where mechanical lock cylinders excel, there are times when electronic locking systems are essential. Mechatronic systems seamlessly combine both, offering flexibility, control, and auditing capabilities. Let’s explore the power of mechatronic systems and introduce you to an innovative solution that could transform your approach to security.


The Best of Both Worlds: Mechatronic Systems

Just as there are applications where mechanical lock cylinders are the perfect solution, there are situations where anything other than an electronic locking system would be impractical.

However, there’s a third option that combines the strengths of both – mechatronic systems. These systems seamlessly blend mechanical and electronic security to offer a level of flexibility, control, and auditing capabilities that are unmatched.

One of the standout advantages of mechatronic systems is their adaptability. With ease, you can add or delete keys from the system. You can also grant timed permissions to keys or cylinders, adding a layer of control to traditional master key systems. Imagine having the ability to manage access with precision, ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter specific areas during designated times.


The Future of Mechatronic Security


We at Access2 are proud to supply ePro, a cutting-edge mechatronic solution developed by Tokoz, leading Czech security specialists. ePro is a game-changer, offering a wide range of applications from securing doors to protecting portable equipment and vehicles.

The lock cylinders in ePro are designed to meet the highest security standards. They’re anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-hook, anti-drill, and offer high resistance to lock snapping. What’s more, they are incredibly user-friendly, thanks to easy programming and a wireless system that simplifies installation.


Built to Thrive in Challenging Environments

While ePro was initially developed with the utilities sector in mind, its versatility is quickly becoming apparent across various industries. From healthcare and support centres to transportation, organisations are turning to this mechatronic solution to meet their complex security needs.

In particular, locations with multi-layered security requirements, such as airports and rail terminals, find ePro indispensable. Its wireless nature eliminates the need for extensive wiring, making it ideal for remote or hard-to-reach areas. Plus, the cylinder itself is battery-free, ensuring complete weatherproofing for use in extreme environments.

In the education sector, mechatronic systems like ePro offer a unique advantage. Schools often face vandalism and security challenges, making a solution with resistance to attack crucial. With mechatronic systems, access requirements can change throughout the day, and audits of key usage are easily achievable.


Complete Control and Unparalleled Security


One of the standout features of ePro is its ability to provide full audit trails, allowing you to track key movements with precision. In case a key is lost or stolen, you can promptly delete it from the system, rendering it useless. This eliminates the risk associated with misplaced or stolen keys, safeguarding your security system.

Moreover, ePro empowers you to grant specific permissions to existing keys, a feature especially useful for contractors. You can define when and where they have access, ensuring security without compromising productivity. No more worrying about keys disappearing into the wrong hands.


Unlock the Power of Mechatronic Systems Today

Mechatronic systems offer incredible advantages for security and control. Their ability to seamlessly integrate into complex mechanical master key systems while delivering reliability in challenging environments makes them a practical and cost-effective alternative to purely mechanical or electronic approaches.

Ready to experience the future of security with ePro? Our sales team is standing by to provide you with a live demo and answer any questions you may have. Email us today at to arrange a live demonstration.