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A true global supplier for a truly global economy

We’ve been exporting our cylinders  for a few years now. They’ve been used in projects across the Far East and Middle East, but never under ‘perfect’ export conditions. Over the years we’ve worked with certain restrictions and limitations, but it hasn’t stopped us delivering high standards, innovative master-keyed systems and excellent service. In other words, […]

Thanks for joining us. Now, let’s use what we know.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the delegates and speakers who attended our first event at Newcastle’s brilliant venue, The Biscuit Factory. You helped to make the evening a fantastic success. CHeSS is an initiative rather than a business. Driving the idea are four independent businesses which focus on door control, […]

Going above and beyond

As far as we’re concerned, Nicola Dodds from our sales team has always been a superstar. She’s a brilliant colleague who really personifies the spirit of customer service. She has a great attitude and approach to her work, so when, recently, we had a few calls from customers wanting to discuss Nicola and her performance, […]

Audit completed

Within our business, everyone understands the importance of maintaining the highest standards. It’s part of our culture and is embedded in our processes. But people who don’t know our operation often want the reassurance of recognised standards. That’s why we’re happy to be both ISO 9001 registered and to have the ISO Management Systems accreditation. […]

Access Control System – Programming and Administration: Making it as easy as ABC

We’ve seen time and again that programming access cards can cause headaches. Large access control applications are administered by software which helps keep things nice and easy, but smaller systems often don’t warrant this expense or investment. And it is here when the problems can start. Programming and administration of an access control system is […]

How to obtain Key Copy Protection Best Practice Guide

This has been the position of Access2 since 2002. If you want to maintain any level of security on your system it can only be with Patent Key Protection. NOTHING ELSE    

ARGE supports its members in complying with EU’s REACH regulation

Since Q1/2017 ARGE (The European Federation of Associations of Locks and Builders Hardware Manufacturers) has been lobbying against the proposal of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to restrict the use of nickel in keys. Recently, the European Commission and ECHA decided to discontinue the preparation of a guideline which would have extended the presently existing […]

Easier hardware selection: a roadshow provides the answer

  A new initiative aims to make the process of selecting and specifying architectural hardware simpler. Four leading suppliers are getting together to host roadshows under the name CHeSS. With products that complement each other, rather than compete, architects, specifiers and locksmiths will have the perfect opportunity to investigate various solutions and discover how they […]

Trust: Don’t mess with it.

Stephen King, the author and horror specialist, once said that the trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool. We mention that because a survey we conducted at The Security Event suggests that our sector also relies heavily on trust. It’s a major part of the locksmith’s toolbox, an essential for all architectural […]

3 new security ranges to improve the way you work

  In an industry where products are constantly evolving, The Security Event, which takes place at the NEC from 9th – 11th April, promises to showcase all the latest innovations in the commercial and residential security market. There will be a full programme, with the industry’s leading expert speakers and the usual, welcome networking opportunities. […]