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The benefits of going mechatronic

Just as there are applications where mechanical lock cylinders are the perfect solution, there are situations where anything other than an electronic locking system would be impractical. Both options have pros and cons, but there is a third option – a combined mechatronic system that’s ideal for challenging environments where security is paramount. Mechatronics, as […]

Is there still a viable reason to specify and select 5-pin cylinders?

                        On the face of it, five pins in a lock cylinder sounds impressive. With a bit of clever marketing thrown in, it’s easy to see why buyers think they’ll be getting good security, and in the past, they would have been. But things […]

World Cup Competition

Only one team will take home the trophy but get your sums right and you could take home two Vanlocks – a definite winner in vehicle security. What’s the average of 64? Sounds like a daft question, but there are 64 matches to be played. 48 in the group stages, 8 in the next round, […]

If trademarks never expire, what’s the point of a patent?

Throwing light on the issue that’s got the industry talking A lot of manufacturers make substantial claims for their products and although it’s not our style, many take the opportunity to rubbish a competitor’s offering. Gaining an edge is important, but sometimes that edge is gained on the back of misleading information or half-truths. Right […]

Neil Furness joins the team at Access 2

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Neil Furness as our new Regional Sales Manager for the North. Neil joined us on Monday, 9th April, and with a considerable track record in our industry, I’m sure he’ll hit the ground running. Neil’s previous position was with M. Marcus (ISEO), where for the past 4 […]

Costing our construction industry?

                    The recent furore over the Government’s decision to award the contract for the post-Brexit, blue British passport to a French-based business is understandable. So, however, are the reasons for the Government’s decision – the savings are considerable. And of course, as a nation, post the […]

We’re not giving up in the face of tool thefts. We’re providing an answer.

All crimes have an impact, but tool thefts from vans can be particularly sickening. It’s far more than the loss of equipment – although that is bad enough – it’s the fact that losing equipment causes such damage to your business. No tools, no work. No work, no customers. With a good reputation essential in […]

Your data security matters. To us.

There’s a new acronym causing a lot of consternation in the business world right now. GDPR. We’ll forgive you if you’ve not taken much interest – after all, General Data Protection Regulations don’t sound all that exciting, do they? With the fact that this bit of legislation is a European directive and an imminent Brexit, […]

Choose keys with patent protection – here’s why

                  When choosing to install a masterkey system, you’ll be thinking about the building, about different user groups and their access needs. No doubt you’ll want to stick to a budget while ensuring appropriate levels of security. But you could also be thinking about convenience – how […]

No gain without pain? 

                  We’re upgrading our broadband systems, and it’s possible that you might experience some disruption as a result. It should only be a short-term issue, but email messages might not get through to us and data downloads could be slow or interrupted during this period. We’re upgrading […]