One Project, Two Priorities

Manor House Hotel

When a hotelier is undertaking a refurbishment of a property, and every detail of each individual room has been chosen with note-perfect accuracy, the access control and security system cannot be an afterthought. Why would you ruin the work of the design team? Why would you risk compromising the hotel’s operation?

When we got involved with the project at the Manor House Hotel at Lindley near Huddersfield, it was apparent that the intention was to deliver a genuine high-end experience. Throughout the building – in bedrooms, lounges, bars and restaurants – the choice of fixtures and fittings reflected remarkable standards in both functional and aesthetic terms. It was clear that the hotel’s locking systems had to deliver outstanding security and fit in with an eclectic mix of styles. And, despite the Manor House’s modest size, efficiency was also high on the wish list. The client wanted an easily controllable, adaptable and reliable Electronic Access Control system.

The chosen solution was from our Elite Lock range. With this system, the sensor and battery housings are understated – ideal where they need to blend into décor schemes. There are options to suit interior and exterior doors and functions designed specially for the hospitality sector. The Elite Lock works with almost any type of lever handle, giving designers the flexibility they need and allowing scope for any future changes.

This adaptability was a must for the Manor House Hotel. With rooms ranging in style from pure simplicity to rich opulence, we had to provide specially finished sensors and housings. The wall readers and even the lock forends had to be given the bespoke treatment, but that’s one of Elite Lock’s many strengths – it can be tailored to fit in anywhere.
Another major advantage of these locks is that their operation doesn’t rely on cabling. Using only batteries, proven Mifare RFID and Wireless technology, the locks are easy to install, easy to program and provide the hotel’s management with the control and audit information they need. Should the system need amending or extending at a future date, that’s no problem. And, of course, the security is superb – top-quality mortice locks across the board.

One project: a very attractive, boutique hotel.
Two priorities: effective operation and an impeccable finish. As usual, we’ve delivered.