At Access2 we operate a same day key service via our Webshop. A key ordered prior to 12 noon will be despatched that day. For larger bulk quantities we are able to deliver on an agreed lead time. For our Webshop please click here, for further information relating to our key services, please contact

Key Copy Protection

Key systems largely fall into two main types – those that are protected against unauthorised duplication/copying, and those that are not. Following a legal test case, dhf produced a best practice guide “How to obtain Key Copy Protection” providing authoritative, independent advice relating to this subject. A copy of the document is available in the downloads section below.

The only way to truly protect against unauthorised key copying is to ensure that keys are protected by PATENT. A key that is protected by a valid PATENT provides legal protection against unauthorised duplication. At Access2 the majority of our master key systems are protected by PATENT, furthermore we do not release key blanks to the open market, ensuring that our PATENT protected systems achieve the highest levels of key security. Replacement and additional keys are only available with an appropriate letter of authority from the system owner and in some situations – for added system protection – have a further RESTRICTION in only being available via a nominated TIGRIS distributor.

We recognise that on occasion, system owners and administrators may want key holders to individually source replacement and duplicate keys, locally and independent of any control. Allowing locally sourced keys will inevitably result in a reduction of any system security, however this is balanced by the need for convenience. For these applications we have a range of OPEN PROFILE key systems and although they do not attain the same level of key security as our PATENT systems, they do provide an accepted level or convenience over security.