Get clear on TS007 at The Security Event

After the Door and Hardware Federation introduced the TS007 standard and following changes to the Building Regulations 2015 – Part Q, the benchmark was set. Conditions were right for a dramatic improvement in home security. Although that’s happening, I believe things could be moving faster and have a wider reach within the retrofit market. There’s still a fair amount of confusion around the subject and that’s why, this April, I’m giving a talk on Improving Home Security and TS007 Cylinder Locks.

I think it’s partly due to a lack of understanding, but we can’t blame the locksmith, installers or the door industry. Technology and innovation are words often thrown into sales and marketing talk without further explanation. It’s as if the listener is expected to be satisfied with knowing the product is better than previous versions or has some new feature that might prove useful.

I started thinking about this when I learned that the venue for the talk that I’ll be giving at The Security Event in April is named the Technology and Innovation Theatre because I’ve no intention of dumbing down my presentation. If listeners are keen to learn about home security, they need to know that it’s the details that make all the difference to a product’s performance, not the words on the advertising literature. Anyone can claim a product combines great technology and innovative design, but it’s only when those who supply and fit cylinder locks have a genuine understanding of the advances, the what’s and the why’s of the ground-breaking ideas, that genuine improvements in home security will really benefit consumers.

Just like the words technology and innovation, TS007 itself has become something of an industry buzzword, but the details of the standard matter too. In my presentation, I’ll go into the critical aspects and bring clarity to the subject.

I hope you’ll be able to join me for the talk.  It’s taking place at The Security Event at the NEC on April 30th, but if you can’t make that date, do try to get to Birmingham on one of the other days. The Security Event is a flagship event for the commercial and residential security industry in the UK. It’s free to attend and has a programme packed to the brim with education, exhibits and networking opportunities. The 3-day event opens its doors on the 28th April and will be well worth a visit.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there,

Neil Rule, MD.